Passing Down Family Holiday Traditions

This post is sponsored by Blair, an online clothing company, but all opinions are my own. There is nothing more intoxicating than the smell of a turkey cooking on your favorite holiday. Am I right?! Or are you like my family, where you have different tastes, so you have multiple main dishes? One constant in our home is our family holiday traditions.

Passing Down Family Holiday Traditions pin

Passing Down Family Holiday Traditions

Do you have that one family member that always looks like they just ran a marathon on a big family get together? That used to be me! I would look like I had been put through the wringer a few times! And the worst part is that I didn’t even get to truly enjoy the festivities.

Learn To Include The Whole Family

My kids have pitched in with chores since they were pretty young. Of course the chores were lined up with their age and abilities. From placing napkins on the table to mashing the potatoes, they love to pitch in!

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Make A Potluck Meal

My sister is a great cook, but her specialty is making the best cheesecakes! Each year she makes a dessert that tops the year before. I must admit, I am just a bit envious of her skills! But she is probably jealous of all the cute clothes I have from!

Keep A Cool Head In The Kitchen

When there is a lot of cooking going on, the kitchen gets so warm! To be sure I am cool and comfortable, I wear my favorite pair of Flat Waisted Boot Cut Jeans from Blair, an online clothing company and my Essential Stretch Tank.

When we sit down to dinner, my body temperature will cool down considerably. To keep warm, I will put on my super soft Shaker Cardigan from I love to layer my looks from You can read about more of my favorite looks in my recent post, “Tips For Holiday Prep.”

Passing Down Family Holiday Traditions

A Great Looking Coat Is My Tradition!

We have a local grocery store that is open a half day on major holidays. Last year I forgot to buy milk and had to run out and grab a gallon. If that happens this year, at least I can keep warm with my favorite Totes Storm Jacket from!

How You Can Look Great Too!

I know it is tough to keep your kitchen running smoothly when you have a house full of guests. But while you hold down the fort in the kitchen, you can also look fantastic with the plethora of clothing and accessories from You can easily layer a sharp looking ensemble from and still have the money for a bountiful feast!

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What are your family holiday traditions? What outfit would you put together from to look your best on your favorite holiday?

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