How To Stay Comfortable And Stylish This Winter

This post is sponsored by Blair, an online clothing company, but all opinions are my own. Here in the south, it’s tricky to transition from fall to winter. In the morning it can be 32 degrees, by lunch it will be 50 and by afternoon, it can be in the 60’s! When I run my holiday errands, I never know what to wear! With, I know how to stay comfortable and stylish this winter!

How To Stay Comfortable And Stylish This Winter

Looking Your Best Wherever You Go

My mom was a stickler for looking your best, no matter where you went. She was dressed well if she was going to a party, a PTA meeting or to the grocery store. Her trick was to choose pieces that looked great together as well as on their own.

Staying Stylish And Comfortable

So, in taking mom’s tips, I wanted to look well put together in the transition from colder weather to warmer and vice versa. For example, my sister and I were looking for holiday home decor and ornaments for the tree. The store was so warm! And then we went to look at trees and we were chilly!

The best way to stay comfortable and look stylish this winter is to layer those clothes ladies! For me, the key is to be prepare for any weather. This also includes going from the house to the car and in and out of the stores. Take a look at how to wear 4 layered outfits for fall with, where you can shop these looks.

How To Stay Comfortable And Stylish This Winter tank

Start With A Versatile Tank

I am in love with The Essential Stretch Tank from It is the perfect weight in any weather! Because it is breathable, you can be as comfortable on a warm day as you can on a much cooler one.

You know how you get a tank and wear a shirt or jacket on top of it and it can get wrinkled and bunched up? Not the Essential Stretch Tank! It is nice and smooth and is quite flattering. I get so many compliments when I wear it!

How To Stay Comfortable And Stylish This Winter flannel

A Comfortable Flannel Shirt Is A Must Have

I have always worn flannel shirts, many of which were form the men’s department. I absolutely love how soft and warm they are. The Plaid Flannel Tunic from is another staple for how to stay comfortable and stylish this winter. This is another piece I have in several colors and get compliments on.

I do love the collar on this flannel. It is much more feminine than a man’s button down.
I get self conscious about the back of my shirt riding up when I sit down. With the shirttail design on the Plaid Flannel Tunic, I don’t worry about that at all!

How To Stay Comfortable And Stylish This Winter fleece

You Need A Great Fleece Coat

I have several fleece jackets from They are the perfect transitional coat. For example, I wore The Fleece Jacket from this weekend when I was shopping. It was in the 40’s, so it was just the right weight. There are so many color choices that you can find one for any outfit!

How To Stay Comfortable And Stylish This Winter scandia

When I want to add a little pizazz to one of my stylish looks, I love the Printed Scandia Woods Fleece Jacket. It is made from the warmest fleece available from The prints and colors are fun and the zip-through convertible collar is just what you need when it is a bit windy out there! And at the affordable prices at, you can get one in all three colors!

How To Stay Comfortable And Stylish This Winter car coat

A Winter Coat That Keeps You Warm AND Fashionable

I am so picky about my winter coats! I have sensitive skin, so many fabrics tend to feel scratchy on me. The Quilted Car Coat is just heavenly! It is lined, which is important to me. It is also water resistant, so if we need to go out on one of our winter rainy days, it is PERFECT!

I also love the length. For me, I love a mid-thigh coat. It is more comfortable and flattering for my body. And if you ask anyone who knows me what fashion accessory I don’t like is a purse! I feel they are bulky and I am prone to lose them! With the deep pockets on the Quilted Car Coat, I can easy fit my wallet, keys and other small items I need.

How To Stay Comfortable And Stylish This Winter cardigan

Stylish Looks For The Entire Family has such a great selection of clothing and accessories for women. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my purchases from them. I was excited to learn they also carry attractive clothes for my husband and older teens. Talk about a happy mom when she is shopping for their holiday gifts!

As a parent on a budget, I have to stick to my list when finding clothes for my family. With, I know I can find quality clothes that are current with today’s fashion trends. And with their free shipping, I have some extra money to buy a few more things for everyone!

What Are Your Tips For Staying Comfortable and Stylish This Winter? I would love to hear what your favorite pieces are! What are your must have items when you are running your holiday errands? I would love to hear your tips for how to stay comfortable and stylish this winter!

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